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About Us

The hand that grows the crop should be the one to earn for it.

It’s a rather simple philosophy that unfortunately doesn’t see any implementation in our country. The farmer is the one who works the hardest, the consumers are the ones who pay a high price for the produce, but it’s the middlemen who walk away with all the money. And the irony is that ours is supposed to be an Agrarian country that should ideally work towards the benefit of the farmers.


So when we, a group of young agri-business professionals sensitive towards the needs of farmers as well as end consumers witnessed this discrepancy, we decided to start a venture that would bring the farmer’s produce directly to you, minimizing the chain of middlemen.


Our enterprise works on a two-pronged strategy:


1.     Developing farmers & their economic well-being:

-       Providing technical know-how to improve crop productivity & quality

-     Encouraging use of technology to improve Supply Chain efficiency

-       Link to market / consumption to improve per unit return

2.     Empowering Agri-entrepreneurs & creating opportunities for the socially underprivileged:

-       Develop consolidators at farm level

-       Develop push cart vendors & small kirana stores

-       Improve their earning capacities


What does this achieve?


The farmer gets a fair price for his efforts. And you, the consumer, will pay a fair price for whatever you buy.


To reduce your hassles of going to the store and negotiating endless traffic & long queues on the way, we provide home delivery of your goods too.


To sum it up, we, at Apna Haat, add to customer delight by providing Free Home Delivery of Sorted/ Graded, Digitally Weighed, Farm Fresh Produce at very Competitive Prices.